APIIS Financial Group is a financial advisory firm established solely based on principles of trust and core needs of our clients. Financial planning and wealth management are a significant part of life. We are committed to working closely with our clients as a life planning partner to develop a solid investment plan for a beautiful future of leisure you have envisioned. 

We provide innovative strategies, solutions, and services for individuals and corporations. Diligent, and well equipped with knowledge gained from time and broad experience working with a diverse clientele.

Financial professionals and advisors at AFG share a sense of purpose and commitment in the services we provide for our clients, and the years of experience, relationships, and performance prove our expertise and dedication. Prioritizing clients, our team of experts collaborate to bring all the disciplines, perspectives, and skills needed to put your life goals first. We carefully evaluate the needs and interests of our clients to offer the best and most suitable financial plans, uniquely designed for each client’s goals and aspirations.

 APIIS Financial, Inc. offers the best of both worlds: Innovative solutions and a rewarding affiliation with one of the most trusted names in insurance and financial services.

Contact us today to begin our conversation about your goals and to establish an enduring relationship based on trust, respect, and integrity.

James Chae

President & CEO